Explore the Caribbean Diamond – scenic Barbados

Explore the Caribbean Diamond – scenic Barbados

Travel In Barbados

If you have a full schedule, like me, or just cannot fit a trip into your schedule and still want to enjoy Barbados, you may be interested in travel packages to Barbados. Travel packages to Barbados are great for people who enjoy the island’s beautiful beaches, friendly locals, and fun nightlife. Other really good solution could be to make your trip to Barbados with an amazing cruise. I love all cruises because I find them convenient for travelling and to see more places without so many flights, transfers and to move your luggage or to change hotels all the time.



If you still think for a whole package, you should know that a good travel package will include a hotel stay that is comfortable, convenient and offers amenities and facilities such as Internet access, air conditioning, and room service. Sometimes these amenities and facilities will be included in a travel package price but sometimes the prices will be slightly higher. Either way, you will be able to enjoy some of these amenities while in Barbados.

Some of the best travel packages to Barbados include discounted tour packages, airfare, air tours, and transportation. These packages are also a great way to save money on flights to the area because the group rates offer a discount on all airfare, tours, and transportation. It will cost you more to fly into Barbados than it would fly from the rest of the world.

You can also find travel packages that include several nights at a resort for a little extra cost. Several Barbados resorts will include meals and accommodations for you and your group in exchange for your joining their members for a pre-determined number of nights at a resort. These types of deals are great for a group of people who want to spend a few days on the island, and then head out for a few days of sightseeing or beach excursions in the afternoon.


You may also want to consider a vacation rental in Barbados. If you do not want to invest in an entire family vacation, or if you only want to spend a couple of days on the island, this type of travel package is a great way to save money. You can book a travel package to Barbados by the week or month to see if a vacation rental will be available in the area you want to visit.

Booking a one week trip or longer to Barbados for a vacation can also save you a lot of money. These long trips are usually filled with families, teens, and groups of friends, and will usually cost you less than you would pay for a longer vacation to other places.

EXPLORE BARBADOS with an exciting Caribbean cruise

Travel to Barbados and all Caribbean also takes advantage of the warm Caribbean water. The weather is generally warm and sunny, making it a good place to visit if you want to stay active. Just think of all the fun you can have for a reasonable price if you just plan your trip well. If you are taking a cruise in Caribs and you have a one-day stop in Barbados, be sure that you will enjoy the best place. You can take a touristic shuttle with 2-3 people together and have an amazing trip around the island and you can ask the driver to show you the best places and some popular ones like the house of Rhianna like a kid or her awesome castle on the beach. So it depends on what you want to see. But these are some suggestions.



You can make an amazing walk in the historic Bridgetown which is recognized from UNESCO. You definitely should see Chamberlain Bridge, the Victorian Style Parlament Building, the statue of Nelson and just walk on the shopping street or around the harbour. There are nice bars where you can have a nice cold local beer Banks. In the evenings you can try their amazing rum there. I also use my time to exchange some local money in the bank. I love Barbadosian dollar because it is tropical pictures and sea life. Also the public beach there is amazing, wide sand beach and clear turquoise sea.

SANDY LANE BEACH & Rihanna steps

Because I already mention Rihanna we can’t miss saying that she is the diamond of Barbados, how is written in the monument on Rihanna Drive. This is the neighbourhood where she grew up and there are all the friends and neighbours of childhood that remember many stories with her. The house where she grew up is colourfully painted and it is on St. Michael’s parish. Of, course, the most luxurious house reminding a small castle is the beach house of Rihanna on Sandy Lane Beach. Quite and nice beach with golden sands. You can take a small boat tour here and have a chance to swim with Hawksbill Turtles because there are nesting exactly here. Great experience. I recommend this. You can also hire jet ski here, but I would prefer the calmness there and to take the boat.


This is one of the best lookouts in Barbados. You can see a scenic view here and to have one of the best highland adventures. You can also pass through Cherry Tree Hill, but I prefer the Highland Adventure Center. Amazing spot to have a nice cold local beer Banks on the top of the hill and to enjoy the amazing tropical panorama. I love this place. Free and you can experience so much of the real nature of the island.

These three places are my TOP 3 in Barbados, so don’t miss them. The finest part of travelling in Barbados is the day that you spend enjoying culture and nature. You can enjoy the nightlife of the island and savour its rich cuisine. Besides, you can also find a pleasant range of restaurants to ensure that you have a variety of options when you are planning a trip to Barbados. You can also make some travel packages which could save you money when you want to go somewhere and could allow you to take advantage of all the fun activities on the island. You can make a nice vacation budget for you and your family with just a few dollars from each of your pockets, although you should know that the Caribbean islands are expensive.

If you want to explore the magic of the Caribbeans, I would recommend you to take a cruise there and you should choose the sites of the south. This includes Antigua, Barbados, Grand Cayman, Martinique, St Lucia, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, Jamaica, Florida and Bahamas. You can also travel in Barbados to the magnificent island of St Maarten and learn about its rich history. If you want to go to a place and explore the wonder of nature, you can take a trip to the island of Saint Vincent. This island is home to the superb Blue Lagoon. So, whether you want to be a part of the culture of Barbados or travel in Barbados, there are many options to choose from so you can make the right choice to suit your taste and budget and to create the perfect trip for you.

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