The Great Ocean Road in 2 days trip – II part

The Great Ocean Road in 2 days trip – II part



So on the next day, we continued our trip from Appolo Bay. If you have more time don’t miss the lookouts above the town and in the Barham Valley which are spectacular.

A nice morning walk in Maist Rest

It was still early in the morning when we reached Maist Rest which is only 20 minutes drive past Apollo Bay, so we decided to take the walk among the rainforest. It is an easy 20-30 minutes circuit walk through the magnificent sub-temperate rainforest. You can explore there the mountain ash trees, ancient tree ferns and bubbling creek make this a truly beautiful walk. And honestly, it was a really refreshing walk in the morning.


Take the Eco-Tour experience in Otway Fly Tree Top Walk

One of the points which are good not to miss in case you have more time on your trip is Otway Fly Tree Top Walk. It is a 1-hour rainforest walk experience that is approximately 2 kilometres in total and features a treetop canopy walkway that takes you right into the treetops. It’s the longest and tallest walkway of its type in the world. There are fees for its experience and you need probably a half a day to do it. You can also take the Zip Line Eco-Tour which is a 2 hours and a half fully guided experience and it is good for you to have it booked in advance and again fee is applied. If you have more time further along this road you can visit Triplet Falls, a 1-hour loop walk where three cascades thunder past the viewing platform. So if you have more than 2 days definitely do it, otherwise, just continue your way to Twelve Apostles.

Visit the famous Twelve Apostles Region

Twelve Apostles Region is the famous sea stacks of Victoria’s South West. And you need at least 2 hours to explore this magnificent area, but I will recommend you to have actually at least half a day. It is an absolutely amazing area and there is much more to do than you can expect in the first moment. I will explain much more in another article about it. But if you have just a few hours there and if the weather is nice don’t miss the stunning sunset, although the Twelve Apostles are magnificent at any time of day.

On the way back to Melbourne

If you don’t have more than two days for this trip after Twelve Apostles Region is time to return to Melbourne and if you travel inland via Colac you will reduce the travel time by 1-2 hours. So I will recommend you this. The Great Ocean Road actually continues till Allansford but if you don’t have more time there is no point to continue until the end and it is time to return via Colac. Colac is a really nice town also with a nice lake and bird reserve, nice park and many options for dinner, so you can enjoy your time there before you to return to Melbourne. If you have a week you can consider the idea to stay some time in the nice camping area next to the lake where you can book a nice bungalow in the forest with an amazing lake view.



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