Mystery spirit of Iceland and the „frost and fire“ in my life

Mystery spirit of Iceland and the „frost and fire“ in my life


I went to Iceland for the first time in April 2013. It absolutely contrasted to all my life till this moment. 12 years I was chasing my dreams and I actually reached most of them, but I lost myself even more. Everybody should have aimed to continue living and to feel the real emotions of life. I reached most of my dreams and then realized that actually, I didn´t have time to know myself at all, till I was chasing all the aims – so I didn´t know who am I, what I really want, what I feel, what food I like. I just “keep doing” the right things and I was going in a direction I didn´t know at all. So I didn´t know where am I trying to reach? And why I am in a hurry at all? When I was in university one of my professors said that he really doesn´t understand where the people are in a hurry. The only place where they actually going is to death. So I stopped my life in a pause. I looked back and chose another direction and much slower motion (speed). Many people are going to Bali to find peace and themselves, but I find a better place for this. As long I stay, as much I reach the deeper corner of my soul and find the perfect balance of harmony that exists in life – Iceland – My incredible adventure to find myself.



I just got off the plane and I saw the dark, cold and pretty lonely place. It was not from my landing, it was my landing from my „crazy busy and fabulous city life“. The first moment was a crash – crash between the real material world and the world of fantasies, harmony, and calmness – all of this I didn´t expect to find. So I didn´t like it at the first moment. I was in Reykjavik, walking an hour and I met exactly 3 people, the cold wind made the crazy pain in my left chick and I just found the first place to eat and to warm myself. Where I really was? I was absolutely sure that I am on the wrong side of the world. Next day I had to travel 350 km to my new home – far from the city, far from the people, reality or dreams and far from the world I ever know. This 350 km I also didn´t like it, but the last one hour drive was absolute hell because it took me in the desert. Then I was thinking that I am going in the ugliest, lonely and dangerous part of the world to live. So the adventure started. There was a long way to the centre of my heart and to find myself.


Oraefi is the region that I am living in. Oraefi means in Icelandic „The Desert“. Really cool place for home?!? Behind my house is the second largest glacier in Europe and the largest ice cap in Europe by volume 3100 km. And also it is a super volcano, but the most interesting is actually that the house is just next to Oraefajokull, which is an ice-covered volcano. So I find my place between the frost and fire. I chose this place to really find myself and to challenge myself to do new things every day to fight with my fears and to know myself better… Just to start really leaving my life.264490_10151477546447426_650669956_n600893_10151505912927426_100631922_n

Next months I travelled and as much I travel as more I realized that I am living in an incredible fairy world which is really hard to be explained. Here between the contrasts, I found myself. It was my travel to the centre of my heart. Now I realize the metaphor of Jules Verne that he used in his book Journey to the Centre of the Earth. This was just the beginning. If you want to live a real life you have to really find yourself. I saw incredible places, so beautiful, so pure, so amazing, so spiritual… So peaceful that I find peace in me… I would never forget that I was walking in the middle of nowhere (Landmannalaugar).


I was absolutely alone with the absolute freedom of nature and for the first time, I just heard my steps and the beating of my heart. It was so spiritual moment, so sacred and so mine… The moment that no one can take from me. For the first time, I really appreciated that I was alone. And here among the desert, I found my place – my small oasis that was definitely the paradise. Every time when I am travelling and I am coming back home, I can´t believe that I am actually living in the most beautiful place. Now my place is just a beautiful fairy tale.


I became a real Viking. I am not cold during the winter, even sometimes I am just going out with a T-shirt and pants, just to breath from the crystal pure air. Behind my house, I have a dragon. My friends are elves and I am visiting them often. Every time I am going back home, first I see our home troll on the mountain. I am drinking the purest water in the world, which is coming directly from Vatnajokull Glacier. It is pure water from 1000 years and it is naturally distilled between the stones. It is the most tasteful water I ever drink. When I am going out of the house I just see endless peace and freedom in front of me… There is nothing, but freedom… nature that absorbs me all… I love to take the power of the waterfalls, so I always reach them so close that I am charging myself from the mist and I am, of course, all wet… This power I am feeling it with every millimetre of my body and I am getting free, pure, and stronger and I am absolutely one whole with nature… The absolutely incredible feeling I have never felt before. My home is in the best place in Iceland. The contrast between the desert, frost, fire, and life everywhere shows you how amazing is the life and how perfect is created this place to improve you, to teach you, to give you the chance to challenge yourself every day till you find your real soul.


I am living between two of the biggest attraction in Iceland – Skaftafell national park and the Glacier Lagoon. In Skaftafell you can be amazed from Svartifoss – The Black Waterfall – from which columns are inspired the famous cathedral in Reykjavik – Hallgrímskirkja. All the shapes and forms of the cathedral are inspired by nature. In Skaftafell I always like to pass through SEL – old traditional Icelandic houses with the grass on the roof. Every time I am just going on the roof of the house and I am enjoying the view of the desert, made of the last float and eruption of Vatnajokull volcano before 18 years ago. In this place you can feel the incredible power of nature, to see how the eruption and all natural powers create land, soil, mountains. You can see all the different stages of forming the world that is not really possible to be seen at the same moment anywhere else. Amazing! Also, I am looking back to the mountains and I am seeing amazing Glacier where the sun is making a wonderful light dance with the ice – dance of frost and fire – again contrast that can make you feel gorgeous.



On another side of my home is the Glacier lagoon – amazing and unique place – you have to visit Diamond beach or to go among the icebergs by Zodiac boat.



Also, you have to visit the smaller lagoon or the Hali museum. The smaller lagoon is cute and the museum can give you more information of the region, because it is a museum of Icelandic writer, but is also a museum you can find how the people in the region live. The most interesting for this place is actually that the building is like a huge bookshelf. There you can feel the power to know more and more…


Only five minutes’ drive from my home is the Puffin Island – Ingolfshofdi – this is the place where the first Viking came in Iceland and also is the home for the amazing puffins that are one of the cutest bird in the world. But if you are looking for more adventures in Iceland is good to visit that place. You just have to take a tractor and to go in the tray on the back and travel among sands and water in order to reach the Puffin Island. It is an amazing adventure and you have to feel it.



So now I am living among puffins, arctic foxes, other interesting birds, reindeers, and seals – an incredible world I have never been so close. I am living with elves, trolls, dragons and ghosts, but in the best light and fairy magic… I am drinking the purest water in the world and I am just part of nature and I am not stopping to travel and to be even more just part of it. I learn how to react in a volcano eruption, sand storms, wind storms, floats, the gas cloud from the volcano and I am not afraid anymore from nothing unexplained…. I am living among amazing waterfalls, glaciers, parks, islands, volcanoes, ice caves and I am hiking, climbing, driving snowmobiles, walking on glaciers, taking showers in the waterfalls and just my breath is taken from this amazing nature I am seeing every day.






If there is a safe place for bad things that people create, it is Iceland and I am not surprised that Yoko Ono built IMAGINE PEACE TOWER that dedicated to her husband John Lennon, exactly here… Because here you can be yourself, you can feel the total freedom and peace in the world… If you IMAGINE PEACE…It is definitely here… Make a wish and be free!


P.S. The article is written before 3 years, but published now.

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