ST. Maarten – Little Europe On The Caribs

ST. Maarten – Little Europe On The Caribs

One of my trips to the Caribbeans I visited St Maarten/ St Martin. It is an island which divides its territory between 2 European countries – The Netherlands and France. If you are on a trip to the Caribbean islands you will immediately recognize the European influence on this exotic island. The towns on the island remind European French Riviera – really beautiful and shining towns with European architecture of the buildings with beautiful beaches, palm trees around the boardwalk and many yachts in the sea. You can immediately feel that you are in Saint Tropez or Cannes. The best season to visit this place is between December and April, but the best is to be visited in February like a top season there.

The capitals – Philipsburg and Marigot

The biggest cities from both sides are Philipsburg (The Netherlands) and Marigot (France). They are really modern fisherman’s towns with fine restaurants and brandy shops which are reminding the European style of vacation. With a glass of wine, you can watch the breathtaking sunset view in the nice restaurant terrace and experience such a romantic evening with your partner. Marigot is famous for the best dining, bright colours of the buildings and its crafted market. Philipsburg is famous for its mile-long commercial district with duty and tax-free shops and really beautiful and romantic boardwalk. This is usually the town where the cruise ships are stopping. All the palm trees, the nice white sand, and the boardwalk make this place one of the most romantic on the island, so I highly recommend you to experience a nice moment when the sun goes down.

To pursuit a plane on Maho Bay Beach

Maho Bay Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world. It is a small beautiful beach with big waves and strong current, but this what it is making this place so popular is actually the fact that it is next to the airport and you can actually see planes almost landing over the tourists and over the beach. Probably many of you already saw a picture of the landing plane over the beach and it is a wonderful symbol of the tropical vacation. Although it is really dangerous activity many people are waiting for the planes to land and they are making their perfect shot with the plane over their head.

The Luxury neighbourhood – Cupecoy

Cupecoy is popular with the luxury apartments for living and luxury resorts which are on the border with the French part of St Maarten. One of these neighbourhoods is called Porto Cupecoy. The place is really beautiful because from one side you can see the water from the sea, but from the other part, there is inside of the island lagoon which making the place exceptionally beautiful.

Enjoy your tropical vacation at Orient Bay Beach

Orient Bay Beach is magnificent 2 miles long white sand beach with a lot of palms and it is protected from the waves of the Atlantic ocean by a reef. It makes the place one of the most wanted beaches in the Caribbean with its natural beauty. It is a perfect place for snorkelling. There you can also enjoy parasailing, jet ski, and paragliding. There are also a lot of fine restaurants with nice seafood, bars with tropical cocktails and party music and many shops. It is a place where you can enjoy drinking a fresh coconut and lay down under a palm tree until you are listening to nice music and the sound of the sea. The most popular beaches in the Oriental bay are Bikini, Kontiki, Cacao, and Coconut.

Other places you should not miss:

Beaches: Grand Case, Nettle Bay, Simpson Bay

Recommended trips: dinner cruise, Quad ATV trip or 4×4 wheels drive

Others: Zoo, Butterfly farm, Hobbie Cat Race, Hillside view from Mount Vernon and Casinos

P.S. Now after hurricanes Irma and Maria the island is really destroyed, but I am sure that with the hard work of the people there they will reveal this amazing island. And exactly for that I actually think that the tourist has to plan their vacation exactly there because it will be a great help for the people to make heaven this place again.

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