10 Reasons to cruise

10 Reasons to cruise

#1 Great value

Great value – water transport is the cheapest transport in the world. That’s why cruises give the best value for transportation. But it is not only about transport …The cruises give the best value if you compare what is included in the – hotel, transportation, food, and entertainment. That’s why cruises are giving one of the greatest value for a vacation and full package experience for all cruise addicted people. And even we are not counting the great bonus system with which every other cruise you are getting at better prices or you can save from drinks packages or shore excursions.

#2 More destinations in one

You can combine more destination a vacation in more than one destination – this is amazing because you can wake up and be in one place and on the next day to wake up in completely other country and you should not do any efforts. Just enter in the ship and entertain yourself all night – bars, dinners, theatres, shows, casino or whatever, but in the next morning just wake up and you are in new heaven – new exotic island or adventurous destination.

#3 Saving time and nerves

You are not losing time from your vacation – this I already said in the upper point. You can enjoy fully on your vacation because instead of losing time changing planes and other transportation, changing hotels and transfers you can be on the ship all the time with all your luggage and not moving anything because actually, your hotel room is travelling with you all the time. So you are enjoying fully your vacation.

#4 Great food

Varieties of fine restaurants and food for your soul 🙂 – on every cruise ship you can enjoy different cuisine from all over the world. It depends on the cruise company or on the area in the world because it is always suitable for the most common taste of the people from the region. Like general each ship has a Main Dining Official restaurant where people can eat comfortably in a world-class restaurant with multi-course dinner a-la-carte with personal service and delicate wait staff. There is always a more casual restaurant with impressive spectacular views where all the guests can enjoy an array of delicious food for every main meal or just a light snack. There are different serving stations with great variety from pasta, pizza, omelettes, different cooked meat, salads, soups, sandwiches and amazing desserts. Different evenings you can enjoy the global cuisine and you can try Japanese sushi, Thai food, Italian pasta or Brazilian barbecue. You can eat as much as you feel like. All the other time you can enjoy different restaurants for sandwiches, wraps, pizzas or hot dogs on the main street of the ship – Promenade or next to the swimming pool. You can also grab a nice cup of coffee or just sweet doughnuts, ice-cream or a cake. If you are lazy to actually go out of the room you can also order room service at any time. If still, you can’t feel enough satisfied with food from the free options in every ship there are also at least 3 different theme restaurants with a special menu where the guests can enjoy extra-special dining service. So if you are enjoying to eat, the cruise ships are culinary heaven for every taste.


#5 It is romantic

Cruising is romantic – it is a romantic experience, not because of Titanic movie, but because is an ultimate experience in every level. Nice sunsets and sunrises you can enjoy on the pool deck or on the top deck of the ship. You can have a nice cocktail at the pool bar or enjoy the karaoke singing in the night bar. You can also an ultimate SPA and massage experience for couples. And also you can travel the world on the ship. What could be more romantic than this? Perfect romantic vacation for young couples, honeymooners or elderly couples. Love is everywhere on the ship.


# 6 Cruising is for everyone

Cruising is for everyone – with all the amazing entertainment activities cruising is for everyone – family, friends, couples, children and elderly people. There are no limits in age or companion. Just enjoy fully your cruise adventure!

#7 Plenty of onboard activities

Various of onboard activities – nice entertaining program – show programs, theatres, movies, pool parties, casino, bingo, karaoke, climbing wall, ice-skating, trivia games, mini golf, basketball, football, dancing classes, sommelier classes, spa procedures, massages and different shore excursions, diving, zip-lines, yachts and shopping and many others – you can enjoy all of these and many more on the cruise, so the cruise ship is entertainment jewel in the sea.

# 8 It is a floating city

The ship is a floating city – some of the smallest ships can have 2100 guests and more 1400 workers on the ship, so even the smallest is with 3500 people on it. The biggest can reach up to 15 000 people, so the ships are really floating cities on which people are sharing their vacation time.

#9 It is socializing

Socializing – with so many activities, people and entertainment the ships are perfect for living and socializing. No matter of age or companion – you are meeting people everywhere – for breakfast, lunch, dinner, on the swimming pool, bar, casino, trivia games or fitness or dance classes. So the cruise is also a perfect place to spend some time and exchange ideas with many other people with similar interests like you, but different experience. A cruise is also a perfect place for single people – there are also many meetings and activities especially for single people, so if you have a stressful job and no personal life, the cruise could be a good experience and you can meet even your life partner there. The cruise is also good for divorced people or even widows or widowers that have lost their life partner. On my trips, I am seeing many elderly people travelling alone and for them, the cruise is giving a different meaning of their life, full of friends and fun.



#10 It is easy to plan

  • Easy to plan – You can just buy your cruise and you will forget all the problems. You should not think about transfers, planes, hotels – everything is in one place. All the restaurants and entertainment also. It is just vacation with minimizing the stressful activities, only maximizing the pleasure experience.


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